January 24, 2010

Oh, tsk.

My other half, reading, cried 'Trollope!'. I am far fonder of Anthony Trollope than he is; on inquiry, I established that he had come across a reference to Trollope and was sharing.

The reference, though, was to a book called The Way We Behave. He quoted a passage about the brief, decisive utterances of a railway chairman. I was surer yet that The Way We Live Now had been miscalled.

Indeed, the former title doesn't appear in Trollope bibliographies; looking for it with Trollope on Google returns a link to the business text my other half is reading, and then a reference from a business paper probably quoting the business book.

Other half says they've also made an error of fact in a discussion of technology. There are highfalutin theories of corporate governance, but I begin to worry about the simple case of not checking one's assertions.

Find in a library: Corporate Governance, Robert A. G. Monks, Nell Minow.

Or, better, read The Way We Live Now, Project Gutenberg title #5231.

or, if you're pressed for time, here's a cartoon on the subject form 1874...

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