January 16, 2010

Futurist Stories, Margery Verner Reed

The plots of these little stories are straight up "Next week East Lynne!", but the paragraphs are very short and the sentences incomplete. They would work as the narratives for graphic novels, or films, or music videos; succesfully futurist, then.

HER voice sank almost to a breath.
I PLACED you in his cradle.
AN intolerable silence.
I LOVED your father
YOU never knew that he was a Portuguese nobleman.
DID you ever hear of Madeira, she asked sharply
IT was there that one by one all the passions of love--hatred--revenge
had torn my heart. He married and came to England--I followed--repulsed,
MY only weapon against him--was to contrive--the death--of his little
BUT to kill a child--
SHE caught a shuddering breath.
I COULD not--
I HID it securely.
ONCE again I visited Madeira. On the steps of the Church I stabbed my
enemy among the flowers in that land of beauty--a crime to darken its
SO you belong to me--
YOU owe me much--
ALL that you can pay.
THE little sum of money he had in the Postal Savings rose into his
mind--and gave him amazing steadiness
HIS voice sounded loud and full in his own ears
YOU lie! he shouted suddenly.
YOU lie! you fiend! Come into the daylight.
HE was tearing his mind free from the influence of the place, the
shadows--the possessing voice of the woman.
SHE crouched back toward the door.

Project Gutenberg file#30374, Futurist Stories

So wrote clew in Fiction (20th c.).
And thus wrote others:
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