October 26, 2009

Bread in few pots

I've been trying the 'no-knead' bread, with variants towards the poolish or the sponge pattern or whatever. Eh, it's okay; I'm not sure it's easier than making kneaded bread with a stand mixer, but it is a different way of timing the effort.

I don't like forming it up and turning it, risen, into a hot iron pan; in the first place, that's one more thing dirty, and in the second, when I tried it there was a lot of smoke. So today I gave the risen sticky dough a few folds, and lightly greased the iron pan, and put the lump of dough into the cold pan to rise. The whole thing was in the oven to stay out of the way and take advantage of the pilot light, and after half an hour or less I became hungry and turned the oven on.

Pretty glossy crust:

Ting! steaming the crust makes it shiny

and not too burned on the bottom:

slightly scorched loaf

and a smallish crumb, which *I* like because it keeps the jelly on the bread.

Big loaf, small crumb

No harder on the pan than this usually seems to be:

Slightly scorched enameled iron pan

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