March 18, 2009

Ideas Into Words, Elise Hancock

If I were writing about science for non-scientists, I would cleave to this book, which reminds me very pleasantly of Strunk & White but covers even more material. I particularly liked the chapters on recognizing cutting-edge scientific research from crankery, and on how to manage an interview, and on the possible forms of organization and style for an article.The last is metaphorical and practical at once:

Within the general framework of get in (clear), tell 'em (interesting), and get out (short) lie a thousand possibilities, each of which has a particular organic shape. As you go along, try to "see" that inherent shape in the material itself--a spiral, meander, beech leaf, delta, or such--then use it to structure your article.

It is not a book on how to write a scientific paper.

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