December 23, 2003

Low Port, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, eds.

The theme of the anthology is poor, background & support characters - on the lower decks of the space ship or in the castle kitchen. The perfume of High Melodrama which one expects from the editors shows up in the plots: most of the characters are the most successful of the low, they survive and usually win their battles against the law. If the stories were turned into novels, I'd expect these protagonists to turn into powerful people not confined to Low Port.

This is more pleasant to read than a realism in which all the heroes die or wish they had. I just think it makes the premise usual.

Of the stories, I particularly liked Bidding the Walrus (Lawrence M. Schoen), a funny take on a famous fairytale; Find a Pin (Ru Emerson), not science fiction or fantasy, which has a character most morally heroic and least conventionally heroic - and most hurt by success. I want to read the unionizing-in-space novel that should grow out of The Gate Between Hope and Glory (Holly Phillips). Angel's Kitchen (Chris Szego) would make a good song, in a Loreena McKinnit filkable way.

I continually expected Grimjack to show up.

ISBN: 159222012-6

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Thanks for your kind words. I'm always pleased to learn that someone has enjoyed a story of mine. There's a very tenuous connection between Walrus Gideon and a more regular character of mine, the Amazing Conroy. That connection gets revealed over the course of two stories, one of which should be coming out soon in ABSOLUTE MAGNITUDE, and another which hasn't sold yet (due in large part to my not having finished it).

I don't think we've seen the last of the Walrus or Weird Tommy, and we haven't really seen the first of Eggplant Jackson (note to self: finish that darn story).


yclept: Lawrence at December 30, 2003 02:18 PM

Do! Someday I'd like to see Weird Tommy from the inside (metaphorically).

yclept: clew at December 30, 2003 09:07 PM
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