September 23, 2003

Dread Empire's Fall: The Praxis, Walter Jon Williams

I understand the urge to write more Patrick O'Brian novels, because I would certainly like to read more, but this is either too far from or too close to the source.

Williams' connections-and-seniority Navy is in a practically Nilotic alien empire, which has conquered many a race, convinced most of them to live by its sclerotic rules, and then died of ennui or existential despair or something. I found it jarring to have the human uniforms sound so Nelsonian. At least the space tactics use three dimensions.

It might be less of a pastiche and more of an thought-experiment in subsequent books, as the dread empire falls apart. (Added later: And it's not so bad at deriving consequences from hypotheses that I don't want to read the next ones - it just has hypotheses I consider barely less silly than an alien empire that venerates Elvis impersonators.)

ISBN: 0-380-82020-X

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