June 03, 2003

Propagation Basics, Steven Bradley

It's nice in a beginner's how-to book to have the author address novices but assume that they're naturally going to become wild enthusiasts. This book has good practical advice - cloches out of junk, when to use an old cheap saw instead of ruining a good one - and background biology both; and of course they're closely linked, if you're going to get into the subject: you'll need the practice to experiment on the biology.

I will, anyhow.

Crogglers: scooping and scoring tunicate bulbs; leaf cutting begonias. (Online info from the extension services again: thanks, government.)

Note to self: fuschia and pelargoniums by softwood cuttings in the spring; camellia by semi-ripe cuttings taken autumn or winter &
rooted on the windowsill; Ribes by hardwood cuttings in autumn.

ISBN: 0-8069-8851-7

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