October 24, 2002

21 Dog Years, Mike Daisey

This means, I think, to indict Amazon for suckering workers into Giving Their All. However, Daisey's early self seems so eager to be suckered, and so bad at his various jobs, that he isn't much of a test case - a very minor flimflam artist could have pulled him in and only a very successful company could have absorbed someone so puzzled by their work. Amazon may have been trying to be sneaky, but they seem to have been about as subtle as Nigerian money-transfer scams. Of course, some of those still work.

What'a best is his description of how he wanted to be fooled, which is extra embarrassing in someone who started as an outraged slacker outsider artist. It isn't just a special case of the fiscal hope that overtook everyone. Just as the worst cynic is said to be a disappointed idealist, the childlike trust of a hopeful cynic outdoes normal optimism. I wish I had sold him a bridge.

Of course, he wins in the end, as it gave him material with the irresistible hook of large amounts of money and equal amounts of schadenfreude. What more could he have wanted? Princess Diana?

So wrote clew in History (20th c.).
And thus wrote others:

Cute review. But no, I wasn't trying to "indict" Amazon--just accurately tell a story that has happened to a lot of people. I am curious about how I get "large amounts of money" and won in the end...perhaps you could have that money sent to me?

Thanks for taking the time to review the book,


yclept: Mike Daisey at September 13, 2003 03:02 PM

It's the material that has the hook of "large amounts of money". That is, there seem to be many wry memoirs of time wasted at companies that never earned pots & pots; and those stories aren't irresistible gossip the way Amazon and MSFT and so forth are.

And so your book won an audience, and the bookiverse is the perspective of this blog.

Thanks for dropping by -

yclept: clew at September 15, 2003 05:15 PM

I guess I can see that--I just wish the bookiverse was as gamorous as it sounds. ;)

yclept: Mike Daisey at November 4, 2003 12:41 PM

Well, a bunch o' friends and I will be at your show in two weeks. From our groundling perspective, you've got the glamour.

yclept: clew at November 4, 2003 01:42 PM
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