July 25, 2002

Them, Jon Ronson

Most of the eerie groups described (to Ronson) as 'Them' actually exist, and are (when he visits) mostly laughable or pathetic, instead of immediately eerie. The Ruby Ridge family is especially sad. The Bohemian Grove is pretty funny, especially since Ronson sneaks in with paranoid right-wing Texans. The other side is that the groups are also dangerous or powerful, or linked to them, or innately opposed to any open society - the 'kinder, gentler' KKK (not kidding!) seems to be foundering on internal contradictions, a Rockefeller and Wolfensohn and Kissinger certainly could alter the fates of nations, meeting secretly. I finally felt depressed by the ubiquitous tendency to have groups of Us and Them and have secret meetings and defenses. So wrote clew in History (21st c.).
And thus wrote others:
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